Shamanism CyprusShamans Circle Cyprus is a community based centre founded by Triona Martin to research, promote, practice and teach shamanism worldwide. Having its roots firmly established in the 90s in Ireland to much acclaim as the first ever shamanic community, shamanism now has an official hub in the South Eastern Mediterranean.

The very word Shamanism has a mysterious, powerful ring, but what exactly is it? In simple words, it’s humanity`s most ancient traditional method of healing, problem solving and maintaining balance within one’s self and society. Shamanism is not a religion, yet arguably older than religion itself. It is not a new age philosophy. We have much to learn from shamans from the so-called under developed countries, who have always understood the importance of mind body spirit relationship as the path to good health and harmony. In fact, there is a resurgence of interest in shamanism within western society which is perhaps due to a spiritual hunger that is not being satisfied by the materialistic values that dominate our culture today..

But what is a shaman? It is a person who has learned to change their state of consciousness in order to journey to other realities to obtain power and knowledge to help themselves, others and the community in which they live. This is the key aspect of shamanic healing. This shift in consciousness is achieved through different means, i.e. rhythmic drumming, rattling, dancing, chanting and ritual. This is the essence of Shamans Circle Cyprus. It is what we do.

Out of the billions of pages that live in the internet 'cloud' it is truly wonderful you are here. Please take the time to learn more about Shamanism by reading these informative pages, attending our various events, having one to one sessions, and by making contact. It will unlock aspects of your soul you did not know about, potentially heal emotional and physical challenges from within, and most importantly increase your spirituality without it affecting your religious beliefs or faith in God.

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