Triona Martin Shamanism CyprusIf I had been told nearly 30 years ago that I would be living a fulfilled, powerful, joyful life and working with shamanism both personally and helping others today – I would not have believed it.

My life at that time was similar to many other young womens lives – trying to be supermum, superwife, superdoer!

I was a human doing and not a human being.

Something wasn’t right – something was missing.

I began to explore alternative therapies and found that I had a great affinity with flower remedies.  In 1984 I began to work with these remedies on a deep level and quickly developed an interest in plant medicine.

Many years were spent searching for what would fill the emptiness and disconnection I felt but could not understand.  After all I had it all – beautiful children, husband, house, job, social life – what more could I need!

My journey brought me to Shamanism which I felt totally comfortable with and so embraced to improve my life.  I learned to take responsibility for my life and that my unhappiness – which I now understand as disempowerment- was a result of many big mistakes which stemmed from giving my power away to others.

Shamanism has brought joy, fullfillment and ecstacy into my life and has been the means which allowed and helped me to step into my power, own it and live more fully.

One of my life changing experiences occurred in 1999 when I had the priveledge of working with Peruvian Shamans and sacred plant medicine.  It inflamed an interest for me in other cultures ways of healing.

My travels then took me to Cyprus and Tunisia where I discovered and learned healing techniques passed on from generation to generation.   I found the whole experience natural and enlightening and I continue to work and learn in these cultures.

Shamanism is my passion, my way of living and in turn this passion fuels my practice where I can help others heal, nurture, love and empower themselves.

The ethos of my shamanic practice is based on respect, integrity and compassion in encouraging and supporting others on their life journeys.

I have been teaching Shamanic skills since 1998 on a one to one basis, weekend workshops and year long advanced trainings where people have the opportunity to explore and experience shamanism in a safe way.

2003 brought more growth to my teaching practice when I created a Shamanic counsellor one year certified training.

In recent years I have healed the feminine in myself and embraced the goddess energy. Thank you Brenda and Elfi.

Drawing on this feminine energy allows me to perform Rahame ceremonial and ritual healing work with women who are scarred through mental, physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual abuse.
(Information on Rahame Ceremony in Healing section)

In 2011/12 I travelled in South America where I was privileged to undertake intensive fieldwork with 6 highly experienced indigenous Shamans of the Quechua and Shipibo people (Maestros and Maestras). Based in the Amazon Basin and The Andes mountains for several weeks, I took part in many ceremonies, worked with master plants, and had one to one sessions. My journies were both real and spiritual. The whole personal experience was truly profound. It changed my life. It has now given me deeper insight to heal, counsel, teach and to further develop my flower remedies.

Although I travel the world, I was drawn to Cyprus, the beautiful Island of Aphrodite and love, to continue my life journey and to build an international shamanic center for healing and counseling. It will be a pleasure to help you in your life journey in the few months of the year I am in Cyprus.

Finally, I acknowledge and thank the many teachers both at home and abroad who have helped and supported me on my journey. And I feel truly humbled that several thousand people follow my daily postings on Facebook and communicate with me.