Are you non religious but would like a truly inspirational ceremony to celebrate your marriage, wanting something more meaningful than a registry office wedding? Are you spiritual yet have been feeling a bit wistful at the thoughts of a non-religious wedding? Would you and your true love, like an amazing ritual invoking the power of the universe and nature, to mark and celebrate your marriage? If so, a Shamanic wedding blessing is a wonderful way to start a life journey together. It is a deeply spiritual yet non religious experience that will never be forgotten on arguably the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is renowned for its incredible sunshine, blue seas, pine smelling forests nestling on mountain slopes, mouth watering food and local hospitality. This is why Cyprus is world famous as a wedding venue with an average of 2000 couples from abroad tying the knot or breaking the glass, every year. Legend has it that the ancient goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born in Cyprus many millennia ago.

The following FAQs will show you what is involved, how to organize a Shamanic wedding in Cyprus and general information to help you plan your very special day.

What is Shamanism, in a nutshell?

It is an ancient spiritual practice that began in indigenous communities worldwide, which is still practiced today. Shamanism harnesses energies from Mother Nature and the universe based on a person’s ‘intent’. It is not a belief, it is not a religion and it is not a New Age philosophy. Of course, Shamanic practitioners have no issue in working with persons that fit into these categories. Please refer to main home page for additional information.

Are Shamanic weddings a recent concept in western culture?

No. More and more people in western cultures who are not particularly religious are looking for a special way to celebrate and respect important or life changing milestones in their lives. Shamanic weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the USA and Europe. Shamans have always known the importance of ceremony and ‘intention’ in human lives. A Shamanic wedding is just one of many ceremonies used by global cultures to celebrate birth, baby naming, renewal of wedding vows, and new house blessings. Shamanic rituals for death and even divorce are also now getting more popular in western society.

What are the legal requirements for a Cyprus wedding and Shamanic wedding blessing?

There are no legal requirements for a shamanic wedding blessing whatsoever. Anyone can have a Shamanic wedding. The basis to any ceremony is intention. If a couple have the intent to mark their special day in this way – then the intention is set.
The legal requirements for a Cyprus wedding, which will then be recognized internationally, are best read on official Cyprus Government and municipality websites. Here are some useful ones:

General information about Cyprus weddings from the Embassy in Washington DC USA

Decide where you wish to get married in Cyprus, and choose the municipality. Each one has slightly different requirements. The most popular for foreigners are Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol and Larnaca.

At the time of writing, to the best of our knowledge, the only licensed religious weddings (ie, non civil ceremonies) which can be performed in Cyprus are by Greek Orthodox priests. For all others including Jewish, Catholic, Anglican (COE) and Shamanic, a civil ceremony under the auspices of a local official must be conducted beforehand, or in certain cases, an official can be present so that the two ceremonies can occur one after the other. It is recommended that you discuss practical admin issues directly with a specialist wedding planning organization or with the municipality of your choice. Contact us for a recommended list of established and respected wedding planning companies you can choose from.

Describe the Shamanic Wedding Blessing itself

Each ceremony is individually tailored. No two ceremonies are the same. Many different possibilities exist: some couples prefer a private blessing, while others love to share their blessing with family and friends; possible venues include Aphrodite’s rock, luxury hotels, romantic restaurants, the Shaman’s home (for a private blessing). Have you thought of timing your wedding to coincide with a full moon or a new moon?

Together we can create a ritual which is meaningful for you. Would you like your guests to participate? You may have your own personal readings and music you would like to have included. If not, we can suggest some. Perhaps you would like a ‘despacho’ (wedding bundle) of stones, herbs, flowers, everyday objects and significant items of personal meaning, which would be ceremonially gifted to you. All our ceremonies include the elements of nature, symbols of good wishes that the couple decide on, and intentions represented by the marriage bundle.

Before the actual blessing, we usually organize a rehearsal which allows you to fine tune your ceremony to your satisfaction.

We will be delighted to meet with you in person, or talk via Skype, to plan your ceremony.

Finally, Triona Martin is a regular visitor to Cyprus and has many years of international Shamanic experience: healing, teaching and conducting countless ceremonies. She is privileged to have thousands of Facebook followers: Triona will personally officiate at your wedding.

How do we go about arranging a Shamanic wedding in Cyprus? What next?

It’s very simple: Please fill in the enclosed online questionnaire or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

. If you are using a specialist wedding organizer, we will deal with them direct on your behalf, after taking into account your wishes.

We would love to hear from you!