What is a flower essence?

Shamanism CyprusA flower essence is an infusion of flowers in water that is potentized in natural sunlight for 5 hours or more depending on the plant, and then stabilized in a solution of spring water and brandy. It does not contain a scent or perfume and should not be confused with an herbal remedy or essential oil. The essence is a diluted preparation often created, produced and influenced under shamanic guidance. It is a natural holistic therapy based on the ancient traditions of shamanic practice.

How is Grow and Glow Hibiscus flower essence made and by whom?

All flower essences contain indigenous ingredients and energies found in Cyprus: flowers, spring water, brandy and natural sunlight. It has been lovingly created with guidance received on many shamanic journeys by Triona Martin, a respected shamanic practitioner and healer of many years’ experience. This flower essences contain no pharmaceutical products and is not an allopathic mainstream medicine. Prior to public distribution, they been tested on volunteers in several countries. A flower essence is a natural therapy based on the ancient traditions of shamanic practice.

The Grow and Glow Flower Essences listed below are all hand produced in Cyprus, yet have in the last few years been shipped to many countries as far away as Peru.


Shamanism CyprusIt can create flowing warmth and responsiveness throughout the body and soul, especially healing the sexuality.

It can help in rebalancing the inability to connect with one`s female sexuality often due to prior exploitation, abuse or trauma.

It can help women restore vitality and authenticity.

It can assist in regulating the menstrual cycle and assist in menopause.

Hibiscus flower essence can also help with the flow of energy in a positive way throughout the body particularly when there is a block in energy in the lower limbs. This can manifest itself through the symptoms of aches and pains, damage to lower limbs, fatigue in lower limbs, blockages in the lower spine, reproductive ailments, lack of feeling, or frigidity.

It can reawaken passion, interest in self nurturing and feelings of being at peace with one self.

Can also help with issues of feeling ungrounded, repressed emotions, feelings of being controlled, guilt following miscarriage or abortion, fibroids, cysts and menstrual congestion.

Passion Flower

Shamanism CyprusRestful sleep can be restored.

It can calm the nervous system and bring peace and harmony into life.

Energy can be raised in a positive way to be more assertive.

Can protect against viral and immune disorders.

Helps with emotional confusion and anxiousness.

It can ease inner tension and calm the spirit.

Can help to get in touch with inner self and higher self.

Helps create love and compassion for others and a sense of renewal for self.

Fir Men

Shamanism CyprusThis is a combination essence of Hibiscus, Holly, White chestnut and Impatiens.

Can help dissolve unwanted thoughts and repetitive worries.

Negative emotional feelings like envy, jealousy, aggression and hatred can be changed to positive feelings of self- worth.

Impatience with life and people can be healed.

Physical ailments like nervous headaches can be relieved.

It can assist in bringing stress relief and calmness.

It can restore restful sleep.

Unique Essences

Combinations of Flower Essences will be made to suit personal requirements

Remember, Grow and Glow Flower Essences are completely natural and safe to be used at any time by anyone in the family.

Where to acquire Grow and Glow flower essences

The cost to acquire a Flower Essence is €10 (plus €3 postage + packing for Cyprus and within the EU). Free hand delivery if you live in Paphos. To order or collect, please email us. All flower essence money collected is paid in full as a donation to a Cyprus hospice charity.

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