Triona Martin brought together a shamanic community in 2000, which meets every week. We have created a safe and sacred place to make life-changing journeys for ourselves and when requested for others. We meet for 2 hours per week to discuss shamanism, do personal work, work for each other, explore and learn new shamanic techniques through the use of traditional shamanic methods - drumming, rattling, dance and song and also through the medium of darkness, picture merging, trance music and dance.

We feel it is a space where we can come together to honour the shamanic skills we have learned from our spirit helpers and to work with them in a constructive, positive, healing, knowledgeable way to empower ourselves and those who request help from us.

If you wish to be part of a growing shamanic community and would like to work with your shamanic skills to explore and experience deeper teachings and learn new techniques in a safe and sacred place where respect and confidentiality is assured you are very welcome. Enquiries to the centre.