Indigenous cultures worldwide have always celebrated major events in a person’s life, furthermore they also respect and celebrate menstruation, a boys coming of age into manhood, menopause, death and have even created ceremonies to honour the earth and their homes. In western culture we are all familiar with the traditional celebrations of birth, birthdays, engagement, marriage and various religious celebrations.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate all the major events in your life and for those you love, with a shamanic ritual personally and uniquely created by you with the help of a shamans circle Cyprus practitioner? In fact, consider making a surprise, unusual gift of one to someone you care for!

Information relating to the following celebrations or rituals is available by request:

  • Birth celebration
  • Baby naming (a non religious ‘christening’)
  • Coming of age
  • Engagement and betrothal
  • Wedding and Marriage
  • Renewal of wedding vows
  • Birthdays
  • New house blessing
  • Divorce/separation (either as a couple or individually)
  • Retirement blessing
  • Near end of life blessing (This can bring peace to someone whose life journey on Earth will soon be entering a new chapter. In the Paphos area, no charge is made for this whatsoever)
  • Death
  • Memorial and remembrance


Please contact us, for further information.