1 Year Certificate in Experiential Pactice

This is a one year training programme for those with a good working knowledge of shamanism, and a genuine wish to help others reconnect with their own power.

The training will consist of 4 modules where participants will learn and experience the benefits of shamanic counselling as a tool for self-empowerment, healing, problem solving, and knowledge.

Topics covered will be -

  • How to create counselling space.
  • Assessing clients needs and suitability for shamanic counselling.
  • Helping clients with formulation of journey.
  • Holding space for clients experience.
  • Enabling client to understand experience.
  • Helping with integration of information.
  • Follow-up shamanic work and counsellor/client support.

    Participants will be encouraged to explore and deepen their own knowledge of the other realities and working with spirit. They will also continue their own life-changing process in order to build a strong foundation for their shamanic counselling practice. Some of the topics will be -

  • Journey to find a shamanic counselling teacher.
  • Gaining a deeper knowledge of the other realities.
  • Working on the skills that we need to improve and develop.
  • Issues we need to address in ourselves.
  • Refining shamanic counselling practice.
  • 50 hours work experience in counselling.


  • Advanced practitioner experience essential
  • Discipline and commitment to working with training group
  • Honesty within the group
  • Willingness to work on own growth process
  • Having all necessary equipment
  • Attendance and participation in 4 training weekends and 3 check-in sessions
  • Submission of 12 required reports
  • Reading recommended texts
  • Completion of 50+ counselling hours


  • Certificate on completion of all requirements
  • A life-changing personal journey
  • Deeper knowledge of other realitites and how spirit works
  • Ability to help clients connect with their own power and facilitate their process

Shamanic Counsellor Training Booking Details

Training and Practice Experience

Shamanic Counselling 1 Year Certificate in Experiential Practice

  • Annually October to October.
  • Annually April to April .

There will also be 3 supervised gatherings. Dates to be agreed among training group

4 Workshops run from 9:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m Saturday & Sunday

The Basic Skills Workshop is a prerequisite for all the Advanced Workshops

General Workshop Information

  • Cost - Euro 1500.00 (Non-refundable Booking Deposit Euro 300.00 payable 1 month in advance)
  • Balance of Euro 300.00 payable at each module
  • Meals and accommodation are included
  • Places are limited to 6 people for this training.