Expanding the Circle

Nature is our mirror and by connecting and journeying to the four directions and elements we can expand our awareness to learn more about ourselves and our connection to all life.

On this workshop we will work with these spirit teachers to deepen our connection, explore life changing issues and learn more healing techniques we can use for ourselves and others.

Through journeys, dance, art and outdoor work we will bring the teachings back from spirit to ground and integrate them in our daily lives.

Living with Death and Dying

Death and dying is a natural stage in the life cycle. Working with the 4 elements and nature we will learn how death can be our teacher on how to live more fully and die more consciously.

We will explore and experience shamanic techniques used world-wide to help prepare for death and the afterlife and how we can use these techniques for ourselves and others.

Shamanic Healing & Ritual

Healing is the key aspect of shamanism. Working with the spirits of nature we will experience ways of healing dis-ease shamanically.

With the aid of shamanic tools we will learn how to track, recognise and remove misplaced energy (intrusions) respectfully and carefully, how to retrieve lost power and ways of grounding and working with these healing techniques.

We will also learn how shamanic ritual can be a powerful tool in our daily lives.

Return Home - Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic point of view soul loss can occur when one experiences trauma. We will learn and experience how this may happen and what we can do to heal this in ourselves and others.

On this workshop we will work with our helpers to track and retrieve soul parts for ourselves and others. Explore what causes soul loss and soul theft. Experience and learn how we can av oid taking soul parts from others, and protect ourselves against soul theft and loss. We will also look at ways of maintaining this healing through shamanic practice, journeying and ritual.

Advanced Practitioner Booking Details

1 Year Experiential Training Course in Advanced Shamanic Practice for groups and individuals.

  • Expanding the Circle.
  • Living with Death and Dying.
  • Shamanic Healing and Ritual.
  • Return Home - Soul Retrieval.

Annually from November to November

Annually from February to February

Workshops run from Friday 6:00 p.m. until Sunday 6:00 p.m.

The Basic Skills Workshop is a prerequisite for all the Advanced Workshops

General Workshop Information

Contact Us for info on One to One tuition.

  • Course cost - Euro 1400.00 (Non-refundable Booking Deposit Euro 400.00 payable 1 month in advance)
  • Balance of Euro 250.00 payable at each workshop
  • Meals and accommodation are included
  • What to bring - notebook, pen, and outdoor wear. Drum or rattle if you have them.